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Agunsa Patagonia

Agunsa Patagonia is the result of many years of navigation experience, and the culmination of a cycle that began at Última Esperanza Sound.

The remains of the old pier of Empresa Comercial and Naviera Braun y Blanchard located on the shores of the city of Puerto Natales are the silent witnesses of a story that began in 1893 as the heritage of the most outstanding families of the Magellan Region.

In 1930, Braun & Blanchard and Menéndez Behety, founded Compañía Chilena de Navegación Interocéanica (CCNI) in Valparaíso, which in time became the 2nd largest shipping Company in Chile, and 25th worldwide.

In the 60’s, CCNI created Agencias Universales S.A. -AGUNSA- to render general agency and port services for their vessels.

AGUNSA is currently the parent Company of Agunsa Patagonia, which provides passengers with a long maritime tradition

and more than a century of experience in the shipping field.

AGUNSA is a leading Company in the area of maritime-port, land and air services, having a total of 81 branches in 19 countries. Our mission is to “Improve and expand the service regarding cargo, passengers, means of transportation and terminals, with an effective proposal which adds value to customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders.



Excellent Route

One of our routes take you right to the entrance of the 8th Wonder of the World, which offers amazing landscapes located in extreme latitudes.


The best service

We provide a superior quality service at market prices. Our speed allows fast and safe navigation.


Excellent vessel

We comply with quality and safety standards for a pleasant trip.


Our vessel is a modern launch that will allow you enjoy an unforgettable experience in a comfortable and safe manner,
complying with the highest standards service.


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  • Passenger launch with capacity for 56 people.
  • Panoramic deck located on the stern (rear part) to enjoy the landscapes of the fiords and mountains.
  • A powerful and trustworthy means of transportation is provided by way of the operation of two separate engines of 400 HP each, which allows a maximum displacement speed of 15 knots (nautical miles an hour or 28 km/h).